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After my first dive into the WordCamp Community last year I knew that I would most definitely be doing it again in 2019. What I originally didn’t envisage is I would be a speaker (which is what happened if you aren’t following me on social media). But this post is a rundown of all of the things outside of my presentation – because as always, the conference provided so much learning gold, not only in the WordPress space but in a business space too.

Day 1 – Learning and Connecting

The entire day was packed full of speakers that were running concurrently in two rooms, with some hard to decide between the two – but for the majority of the day I stayed in the Track 1 room because it had a great mix of speakers with varying topics that were both either at my level of experience or a slight nudge above my skills that well and truly pushed my understanding of WordPress a little bit further.

One thing I especially love about WordCamp Brisbane is the fact that they record all of the presentations so you are able to rewatch or catch the presentations that you didn’t get to see at a later time – if you want to view any of the presentations from the conference you can do so right here – https://2019.brisbane.wordcamp.org/sessions/

As you can see there are many speakers throughout the day so for me to run through them all will have you cross-eyed in no time so here are the standouts that had my cogs turning from the day:

30 WordPress Website Audits In 30 Days. The Lessons I Learned – Tony Cosentino

Day 1 – Session 1 – and potentially the longest to-do list I had from my notes for the entire weekend. Tony Cosentino is a fantastic WordPress developer and really knows his stuff – I am going to be booking in for one of his audits when I complete my website rebuild and rewrite (watch this space, it is on its way). I highly recommend checking him out http://www.thewpguy.com.au

10 Things Your WordPress Website Can Do… That You May Not Know It Could – Paul Luxford

I really enjoyed Paul’s presentation – both for content and his delivery. And his presentation gave more of the tech tools and how of what I presented for my topic. Some of the plugins he mentioned I was instantly adding to my list of investigating for my website but there are also some question marks I have over storing some of that data in the back of my WordPress website (which most businesses have in their standalone systems but they definitely provide food for thought. You can find Paul via his website https://goldcoastbusinesswebsites.com.au/

Why No One Is Reading Your Blog Posts (And How To Change That) – Kate Toon

Disclaimer – I’m a Kate Toon fan, but really, how can you not be? Kate’s presentation as always threw so much content at you that you can barely keep up, but so many nuggets of gold of practical and actionable steps in writing blog posts that will build your brand and boost your website’s profile. Kate can be found via her two businesses, https://therecipeforseosuccess.com/ and https://www.clevercopywritingschool.com/

Day 2 – When I Thought No More Would Fit In My Brain!


If day one wasn’t enough (along with the beverages at the after-party) day two delivered some really phenomenal presentations. Again, two rooms, with speakers running concurrently, here are the presentations I caught on the day that I took a lot from.

The Day The Hackers Came: What Happened When 80% Of My Client’s Sites Were Hacked In One Day – Ingrid Moyle

Ingrid was an incredibly engaging and entertaining speaker – I actually would vote her presentation the best of the conference to be honest. Her storytelling was fantastic and the content she provided (again, another long to-do-list was formed for me from her presentation) was priceless for anyone that has a WordPress website. You can get in touch with her via her website http://www.heartcomms.com.au

Little Known Secrets To Supercharge Your WordPress.org site with WordPress.com – Nik Cree

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what the whole WordPress.org / WordPress.com scenario was so when I saw Nik’s presentation topic come up I thought I definitely need to check this one out – and Nik delivered. The features he showed that I had no idea out are game-changers for how I’m managing my website – so it’s definitely worth a watch! You can reach out to Nik via his website http://nikcree.me.

What Goes Into A $50K+ WordPress Website – Jen Jeavons

I spotted this presentation on the schedule and thought hmmm don’t think I will ever be in a space where I’d either be sourcing a $50K website or building one – so not sure whether this is a session I should sit in on. I tell you what, so glad I did – because Jen was such a great presenter and her presentation gave such a great insight into how the premium custom WordPress websites are much more than just a template and how communicating the end value is such an important part of the quoting process. Jen from Pixel Palace can be found at https://pixelpalace.com.au/.

How Elementor Changed My Life (For The Better!) – Mel Telecican

Mel was the very last presenter for the weekend (tough gig) but I really enjoyed her presentation because I have come across Elementor for one of my client’s websites and have been using it at the absolute bare minimum so the opportunity to learn about the functionality was well and truly welcomed. You can get in touch with Mel via her businesses https://loyalest.com/ and https://growelf.com/.

And if you’re still reading and wondering what about my presentation?

My presentation – personally, I was all nerves (public speaking has never been a favourite pastime of mine) – however, I survived and I had a lot of positive feedback from people who were in the audience, so I will share the link to my video here. Still, haven’t watched it back, not sure if I can bring myself to ha!

Korryn Haines

Korryn Haines

Written by Korryn Haines

Korryn Haines is an administration ninja with over 10 years of administrative experience in a wide range of industries. Based in Brisbane, she provides virtual assistant services and administration process consulting services to micro and small businesses. She loves a nice big pot of tea, smashing out a BodyPump class and spending time with her young children, husband and lovable Cocker Spaniel.

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  1. Ingrid Moyle

    Korryn – you did brilliantly with your presentation! I was glad the hard question was asked about how to delegate to a VA when you are a super control freak. It’s such a common issue for many business owners.

    It was fantastic meeting you (and thank you for your lovely words on my presentation!)

    • Korryn Haines

      Thank you Ingrid – yes, handing over the keys to the kingdom can definitely be hard. It was fantastic meeting you too (and I really really did enjoy your presentation, locking all the windows and doors right now!).

  2. kate

    Thanks for the mention!! x


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