1:1 Business Systems Consultations

You want help to structure, streamline and self-manage your business admin and tech?

Here are the ways we can work together …


Tech Troubleshoot

Have a techy problem that you just want to talk through with a human rather than spending hours through Google, via online chat or trying to figure out yourself?

Google Workspace not doing what you thought it would? Having trouble connecting Mailerlite to your website? Want to use Zapier to connect to your bits and bobs to automate tasks?

This 60 minute session via Zoom will give you the chance to talk it through with me and work through either the solution or the next steps to find a workable solution. And you’ll also have a recording of our session for you to go back to if you need to!


Deep Dive Consultation

This consultation session is for those who want to dig a bit deeper and nut out their processes and tech structure in a more serious way.

We spend 2.5 hours together via Zoom after you have completed the Pre-Session Questionnaire. We pull apart how things are currently operating in your business and then piece together a new plan to move forward.

You want to be more strategic with how you’re approaching your admin and tech needs. But you’re needing someone external with the techy bandwidth to help you map it out and formulate a plan to make it happen.


Monthly Techie Support

You want some tech nerd hand holding on the regular so that you can get some traction?

I get it, new systems and processes take some time and you want someone in your corner on the regular to check in on things and bounce ideas off for any teething issues.

This is your chance to lock in some techie hand holding on the regular – 4 x 1.5 hour sessions over  3 months for us to get things rolling and have regular check ins.

You also get additional email support from me over the 3 months for in between our catch ups (bonus!).


Implementation Nerd

This is for those who need my help to do the do.

You know what you want to happen, but you’ve been spinning your wheels for way too long and need action.

We work from a set bucket of hours (pre-agreed), if it is a project I personally have the skills to undertake then I can get stuck in.

If it is something that is not in my zone of genius, then my hours are allocated to project managing for you. We then collaborate to engage the right expert to do the work that is required.

Within minutes, Korryn completely re-organised my admin processes and sorted out my Google Workspace. Already, this is saving me so much time as my files are now easily sorted in clearly identifiable folders and I have new templates to use. Nothing is too difficult for Korryn, she listens and swiftly implements easy to understand solutions for your business. Thank-you Korryn, I couldn’t recommend you more highly.

Maree Livy

Marriage Celebrant, Celebrant Maree

WOW! I just spent 90 minutes on a zoom with Korryn and my head is still spinning. This woman has an incredible amount of knowledge that she generously shares. I would highly recommend Korryn for anything tech related. She helped me with Google Drive, Dubsado, Calendly, Zapier, ClickUp and more. Thanks Korryn for your patience and guidance.

Sam McFarlane

Social Media Superstar, Sam Says

Korryn is a Google guru and all-round superstar. I had inadvertently created a complicated Google mess with multiple accounts and log ins. She untangled this and streamlined my processes with patience, kindness and understanding. She’s incredibly diligent and thorough, going to great lengths to make the process simple and easy to understand. Korryn helped me feel calm and empowered in a way I didn’t think possible when it comes to IT. I highly recommend her services!

Helen Goodwin

Communications Consultant & Copywriter, Firefly Comms