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I have created my online courses so that you are able to learn my administrative skills and processes at your own pace. Keep checking back for any new courses that come online or sign up for my email newsletter to keep in the loop.

Courses are hosted on Skillshare – so if you sign up via the links below you gain 2 weeks free access to the platform (it is usually 7 days direct). That gives you time to complete the course and if you don’t want to stay subscribed then you can cancel before the first payment is charged. 


Top 3 Google Workspace Tools That Enhance Productivity

In this online course I take you through how I use Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive to structure and systemise administration processes within mine and my clients businesses. They’re all the functions that are within the app that you may not have even realised are there and by utilising them you will streamline your days beyond measure.


Structure Your Business Admin For Success

My Structure Your Business Admin for Success online course is the foundations for all of the work I do.
This course is my onboarding process, end to end, and it is how I gain clarity around what my clients need help with in their business and how they currently operate so that I’m able to help them define and fine tune.

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