Structure Your Business Admin For Success

Feeling like you’re juggling all of the tasks but not getting anywhere?

Administration – it’s the groan worthy part of being in business – but it has to be done to keep the wheels on the track.

Want to be guided through a self-audit of your administration processes by a professional? 

Someone who helps fellow small business owners navigate, consolidate and keep on top of their administration needs every single day?

Solopreneurs and small business owners are constantly juggling all of the hats in their businesses.

When they come to me as a Virtual Assistant, when I ask what is it they need help most with I am usually met with a defeated “I don’t know where to start”.

This is what led me to creating this course.

This course is my very own onboarding process I work through with my clients.

When I speak with potential clients, I undertake this audit to learn what is happening with their business administration, analyse if they’re using their systems effectively and identify whether they are able to streamline how they’re doing their tasks.

(Because I know, as a fellow business owner, time is extremely precious – both in terms of money and sanity.)

This online course consists of 6 videos, workbooks and some very special resources to help you calm the frazzle when it comes to your business administration.

The aim is to help you focus in on the framework of your business administration needs.

Identify where you are right now, where you want to go, what the opportunities and gaps are and implement the changes needed to get you there.

My clients find this process so helpful that I want you to have the same structure and clarity in your business.

$47.00 inc GST


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