Automate Your Admin With Ease Online Workshop – Recording

The number one question I am asked when it comes to automation is: Where do I start?

And that’s where this workshop is designed to help you.

For 1.5 hours I am going to take you through the steps I run through with my consulting clients when they come to me with the problem of wanting to streamline and automate their administration tasks and feel overwhelmed by the whole thing.

This workshop will:

  • help you identify your processes
  • look at what you’re currently using
  • identify the areas where you can streamline your administration tasks
  • explain the tools available to you to help you automate
  • give you a clear plan on where to begin.

This workshop is designed to be as helpful as possible and give you some key tips and clarity to help you streamline your administration for your business using the power of automations without the tech overwhelm or being a computer programmer.

This workshop is the full recording along with the resources of a live workshop I facilitated Friday 4 March 2022.

$17.00 inc GST