Taming Your Tech Tools Online Workshop – Friday 17 June 2022

There’s two camps of business owners I see – those who resist the use of tech to streamline their biz admin, and those who are overflowing with all of the tech tools under the sun.

And both camps always come to me with the same question – how can I tame the chaos using the tech tools I have (and don’t have)?

For 1.5 hours this workshop is going to run through the framework I use to define what tech tools are needed for the task at hand and how I go about selecting them. In my previous workshop I repeated so many times, the most expensive one may not always be the right one for you. This workshop is going to help you hone in on what that is. The second major part of this workshop is giving you a peek behind the curtain of my techy brain and how I go about troubleshooting when tech goes wrong. By empowering you to pinpoint particular questions, you will be better placed to engage further help from tech support when you need to. Then the final 30 mins will be reserved for Q&A time with me to address anything specific that you may want to ask me on this topic.

This workshop will:

  • give you clarity on what different tech tools are out there
  • help you look at what you’re currently using
  • help identify what tech tools you may need to add to your tech ecosystem
  • help you look strategically at your tech tools
  • empower you to tech troubleshoot with confidence.

The session is being delivered virtually on Zoom and a recording will be provided if you’re unable to attend live (but to be completely honest, you’ll definitely want to be there live for this one).

This workshop is designed to be as helpful as possible and give you some key tips and clarity to help you tame your tech overwhelm and use tech to your advantage in your business.

Date: Friday 17 June 2022
Time: 10am-12pm AEST Brisbane
Location: Via Zoom – link to be supplied closer to the date (make sure your email address is correct when purchasing) – recording will be sent after the workshop.

$82.50 inc GST

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