Group Workshops

Want to learn how to structure, streamline and self-manage your business admin and tech?

But you prefer to learn in a group environment (and via Zoom)…

Looking for ongoing administrative
support for your business?

I started my business providing generalist Virtual Assistant support…

However, because my ongoing clients have stuck with me long term and their needs are constantly growing, my schedule is closed for any new retainer and day-to-day support clients. Only the above package offerings are available.

The good news is I’m a part of a wonderful VA network of Australian based Virtual Assistants called Virtually Yours where the members are absolutely stellar at what they do. Follow the link below to submit your job request to the highly skilled and phenomenal VAs and those who have the capacity, experience and availability that you require will get in touch with you (how easy is that!).


Want to chat more business tech and admin?

I’m here for you, ready and waiting to show you how to implement tech (correctly) into your business.